The Group began in Gillingham in 2003 as a small self-help group for Africans infected or affected by HIV.

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Driven by passion, HACO support' and organises different monthly charity events all through the year.

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HACO leadership is blessed with a team of talented and experienced workers from different disciplines.

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Health Action Charity Organisation (HACO) was established as a charitable organisation in the Kent area of the United Kingdom in 2003. We have been working to raise awareness of HIV/Aids and provide support to the African population within the Kent area.

We work in close partnership with the Medway Primary Care Trust , and our work here is highly valued. We are all aware that HIV is a problem in our communities and it is having a negative impact on families... Learn more

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Our Target each month is to reachout to all and sundry about the dangers of HIV. We offer FREE screenings.

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What Is Post-Exposure Prophylaxis? PEP involves taking anti-HIV drugs as soon as possible after you may have been exposed to HIV to try to reduce the chance of becoming HIV positive For a variety of reasons, people without HIV may engage in unprotected intercourse with a partner they know has HIV or who may have. Such situations include sexual assault, condom failure, the heat of the moment, and finding out a partner is HIV positive after sex. In such circumstances … read more

  Noroware Osula Health Foundation was founded in 2005 by Tina Niye Murphy who is also the founder and Director of Health Action Charity Organisation (HACO) based in the United Kingdom. HIV and all aspect of health form the core of our services, we offer generic health services based on a holistic approach and our services are available to all communities. NOHF deliver high quality health promotion services, through the provision of information, preventative advice, support and advocacy on health issues. Visit … read more

HACOMATCH is one of many Health Action Charity Organisation pet projects that connects individuals who are HIV positive. Members will have the opportunity to easily link and relate with each other and feel very special… Learn more