Safer Houses Scheme

Aims and Objectives of the “Safer houses” Scheme

The “Safer houses” scheme seeks to:

  1. Engage African communities who are infected with HIV to become condom friendly- enabling them to use the right condom for sexual activity thereby reducing the onward transmission of the virus
  2. Distribute condoms to Africans who otherwise would not have used condoms – asking for feed back from them on problems re: condom use
  3. Meet with student groups and distributing condoms to them. Majority of the existing people living with HIV generated from the student population

For significant shifts in behaviour to occur, there must be broad agreement within communities that HIV is real and undesirable and that safer sex is necessary and desirable hence this project.

HIV / STIs is not equally distributed among the population. Britain’s African communities have been particularly badly affected by HIV/AIDS. Although gay men remain at greatest risk of acquiring the infection, the number of people who have acquired the infection heterosexually has risen. (House of Commons 2003)