HACO Youth started in October 2008 with the hopes of educating African youth with the history and legacies of their cultures. The project leaders recognised that in uniting African youth it meant not just African immigrant youth but all African youth.

HACOY is passionate about uniting all youth in the struggle for equality and understanding. Its members strongly believe that no matter where you come from we are all members of the same family, the human family.

HACO Youth Project is a youth-led, adult supported project that empowers youth (ages 11-25) to express themselves and to take action on the issues that affect their lives. HACO Youth Football Team was funded by the Medway Council through the YOF in 2010.  This sport for development project is also looking to improve the health and well-being of African youths through involvement and participation. Currently the Football project due to some recent funding loses has dropped off.

Part of the work we do is to run workshops around health and interpersonal development. We also deliver assertiveness training to young people and will incorporate this into the sports development.

 We look to bring parents and young people together to look at the issues of cultural identity as this is a huge challenge for both the young people and adults. In order to achieve the above outcomes, continue with the football project and introduce other activities that will be relevant to African Youths in Medway, an organisation called Sported (http://www.sported.org.uk/) has agreed to support and work with HACO.

 We are therefore seeking your views as youths that will use the project on the way you want this project to go forward There was a consultation in November 2011 asking the young people  to tell us what type of activities you will like to see included in the New HACO Youth and tell us any barriers  preventing you from taking up sports activities ( See attached questionnaire)

There were 30 respondents some chose more than one activity Football and Table tennis top the list. The sported funding we hope to secure in March 2011 will go towards those two activities

 If you want any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01634 844044

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