Service to Improve Health

NHS Medway commissioned Health Action Charity Organisation (HACO) to deliver Volunteer Service to Improve Health for African Communities in Medway to provide a community based health project for Black African Communities in Medway.

The primary aim of this service is to reduce health inequalities by working with people from Black African communities who are not frequently exposed to health promotion activities in other parts of the health or social care sector, in order to increase healthy behaviours and offer opportunities to learn new skills and employment

This project is increasing African community’s knowledge and understanding of key healthy lifestyle and public health messages and they are being empowered to take action to improve their health.

The Project started in earnest in February 2011 with the recruitment of the staff / volunteer team, one paid part time Outreach worker and three volunteers recruited.

There is high response to this project by members of the African communities in Medway which means the demand for assessment is higher than we anticipated.

A reasonable number of older members of the African communities are experiencing isolation because of language barrier and not knowing what services are out there for them to access. This isolation will affect their mental health well-being if something is not done to address this problem.   A befriending scheme is something to look at with this target group.

We will continue working with the African communities around raising awareness of all aspects of Health and Wellbeing to reduce health inequality

For more information about this project please call HACO on 01634 844044