HACO Truth

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Project

The HACO Truth Project Protect Victims of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation and offers victims and survivors the chance to share their experiences and be heard with respect.

Every woman or girl have the right to be safe and protected from all forms of abuse and exploitation through a well-equipped and person-centred system



HACO Support Program focuses on providing high-quality moral and social support for  victims of sexual abuse and exploitation in Medway Kent. Our service enables victims and survivor to pursue justice without further trauma and achieve stable lives. HACO Community Engagement Program provides awareness raising and training sessions to empower communities and build their resilience against Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.

In most African Countries, 5.6% of girls are estimated to have experienced sexual abuse before they turn 18. Among girls who live and work on the street the estimated prevalence is as much as 40%. A general lack of awareness and resources in their countries of origin make it difficult for the Criminal Justice System to respond to cases of sexual abuse and exploitation in an efficient manner, while the general public lacks knowledge on how to protect children. Our project is to provide the needed support once they arrive in Kent or Medway

The project works with all sectors of society which includes the local authority, the police, Communities and the victims. Firstly, our legal team provides free legal and social services to victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, while Community Engagement encourages the public to report suspicious behaviours while giving them the tools to identify potential child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The project provide victims with the support they need to rebuild their lives, and our Community engagement strives to make behavioural changes within communities by providing them a deeper understanding on what child sexual abuse and exploitation entails.

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